If you were given a magical book that could grant your deepest truest wish, what would you wish for?

Nel and the other characters in Dead Wishes live in a world where wishes do come true if . . . you can get your hands on the Book.

It’s centuries old, infused with magic, and will grant the wish maker any wish.

Rules. All magic has rules.

A wish can only be granted once.

The Books pages are sealed shut and only opens to the next blank page. You can’t see what has been wished previously to yours.

You have to make a wish.

Then you have to pass it on to a stranger. No handing it off to your friend, mother, cousin, or neighbor.

And you can’t wish mortal harm or for the Book to defy the laws of nature.

You can wish for rabbits to be turned to stone, money to change into a token system, for thread to be stronger than steel, and for a mountain to move out of your way, cause all those are within the limits of nature and all have been wished for in the town of Drutherton.

Follow Nel on her quest to find the Book. She’ll have one chance to make her true wish. But she may not be ready. Would you be ready to make yours?

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