Behind the Lore Shorts

Want to know more about the curious places and characters in the Curious in Eubanks series?

Periodically I’ll publish short stories,  delving deeper into a character or place mentioned in a novel.

These stories do  not necessarily have a mystery to solve, so I’ve chosen to categorize them differently.

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The second Behind the Lore Short celebrates the Christmas holiday season in Eubanks, by bringing to light the backstory of an endearing ghost that haunts the police station by playing hide and seek. Find out how an innocent child’s game can be deadly when played in a blizzard.

Learn more about the Hide and Seek Ghost in, Thawed on Christmas, the Haunting Truth of the Hide and Seek Ghost.

Available December, 2018!

The third Behind the Lore Short will be available in November. It features two werewolf brothers pulled between their instinct to find the perfect mate and their desire to stay true to the brotherhood code. This short introduces you the reader to Darko and his underground nightclub.

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